Memphis - bio

Memphis - bio

Memphis was formed in 2005 in Hradec Králové – Czech Republic. The essential for this four-member band is a catchy tune supported by guitar riffs together with well coordinated rhytmics. But the playlist also includes romantic ballads.

During its existence Memphis has succeded in many contests for example: 1st place in Eurofestival 2011, 1st in Hudbou proti nudě 2010, 1st in Karvinský Woodstock 2009, 1st in Pro-rock contest 2008, 2nd in Rockfest Dobříš 2010, 2nd in the battle of bands – Štenberk 2010, final round of Líheň 2009, Play off – Skutečná liga 2008 and 2009 and 2nd place in the United Islands of talents (2006)

In 2011 Memphis released a music video „The One“ which has dominated the prestigious O2 TOP6 Stream music charts. It has attracted media attention (TV Prima – VIP report, MF Dnes, Sedmička,, iReport,) and the band began to cooperate with top Czech music producers.

Memphis has performed more than 100 times in the last two years within the area of the Czech Republic. (Votvírák, United Islands of Prague, Majáles, Rock Cafe Praha, Palác Akropolis, Abaton, Retro music hall, Music hall Černíkovice, Zavírák…).

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